Workers’ Day: The vocation to improve the lives of people with disabilities

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, which is commemorated on May 1st, at 3Love Inc. we would like to recognize the vocation of those who are dedicated to caring for, helping or empowering children and adults with disabilities.


Special Education Teacher. This professional uses his or her love of teaching to help students with disabilities acquire new knowledge. He or she may be responsible for developing lesson plans for one or more students with various physical and mental disabilities or sensory conditions.


Speech therapist. His or her job is to help children and adults achieve good communication skills. To do this, he or she meets with patients to work on diction exercises and other conditions such as swallowing disorders. He or she also helps the hearing impaired to speak in an understandable way.


Physical therapist. He or she usually works in a hospital or clinic to help patients practice beneficial exercises. Physical therapists usually work with patients suffering from chronic pain or illness, but may also work with people with disabilities. Their job is to teach their patients how to do exercises and stretches to relieve pain and promote longevity of the body.


Occupational therapist. He or she usually works in a hospital or clinic providing treatment and support to patients with injuries or disabilities. Primary responsibilities include assessing the patient’s needs and creating a plan for recovery or increased mobility. He or she meets with patients to help them perform exercises to improve their mobility and confidence.


Music therapist. His or her job is to use the possibilities of music to help people with mental or physical disabilities. Music therapy is applied in hospital, educational or social-healthcare settings with the aim of facilitating the communication of feelings, developing self-confidence, expressing oneself in other ways, helping to relax, etc. Music therapy can be used for people with learning, communication, mobility, etc. problems.


Orthopedic technician. His or her role is to work closely with physical and occupational therapists to help the patient recover from an injury. After meeting with the patient, they are in charge of fitting him or her with orthopedic devices or prostheses to facilitate mobility.


Disability support coordinator. This job, more common in the United States and other countries, involves assisting students or workers with disabilities to meet their needs in a new school or work setting. He or she can assist in installing ramps, preparing distraction-free learning spaces, and identifying other factors that might present problems for their development in their new environment. This person can also help establish a route to and from a location, as well as appropriate transportation.


Home Health Aide. This person works as part of a care team to perform household chores, prepare meals, administer medications, run errands and provide companionship to residents. Home health aides may work with physically or mentally disabled patients to help them perform tasks they would not otherwise be able to do.


Psychologist. This health care professional may work in a variety of settings and specialties. Psychologists often help diagnose and provide treatment methods for patients with mental health problems, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, among others. In educational centers, psychologists provide specialized guidance to students with disabilities, working in conjunction with teachers and parents.


Psychiatrist. This professional works in hospitals, mental health centers and clinics. He or she cares for patients with mental health problems, intellectual disorders and other conditions. This professional evaluates the patient and may administer medication to help the patient cope. The psychiatrist may also prescribe certain activities or habits to help the patient improve his quality of life.


By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

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