“We want to give children the best that life has to offer”

will be teaching a pastry workshop there. The week following their visit, they made the quotation and purchase of the kitchen utensils for the workshop, which began to operate on Saturday, December 10.


During their visit to the “San Francisco de Asís” school, we talked to Vincent and Christopher about the experience of meeting the children who study there. We share their statements below.


Vincent Gajewski III, President of 3Love Inc:


“We are going to all the classes with the children, taking pictures, talking with them and singing with them. I feel that these children have a chance to have a better future. They are happy, they are lovely, living and giving love to everyone. The teachers are excellent, they take good care of them. In the future, I wish that hopefully we can help them more, but not only this school, we also want to help many more schools and hopefully we can give these children the best that this life can offer them”.


Christopher Gajewski, Treasurer of 3Love Inc:


“I think going to all these classes made me realize just how amazing and how happy everyone is here and I think it´s really hard just to see that in the world. And just being able to have an opportunity to give something to them, just seeing how gracious they are for just us being here, being able to see them is a really fortunate thing to see. And I believe that my heart goes out to them and to Juan Diego as well.


I think that we want to help them more and just like Vincent said, we want to help more people in the future and not only this school. It would be a really great thing to be able to help as many people as we can, so we have to start small. This was something that my mom started, she created a vision and hopefully we can carry that vision and reach more people in the future”.

In addition, we virtually interviewed Liza Comeford, Vice President of 3Love Inc, who sent us a few words about the work the organization has been doing for the benefit of children with disabilities.


“I would say that the nicest thing is the progress seen in every activity since we started. The videos and photos of the activities we do with the children with special abilities are of great spiritual, social and personal benefit for all of us involved.


I think Juan Diego was very important for what 3Love means. My cousin is one of our pillars, he is our little angel. He taught us to understand the needs of children with disabilities and brought us closer to the support we provide today through 3Love’s projects.


The work we are doing in 3Love would be impossible without the help of each one of the members of the great 3Love family”.


By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

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