Thanks to teamwork, we made miracles happen

As we announced at the end of last year, 3Love Inc. launched a fundraising campaign, with the goal of contributing to improve the educational conditions of children with disabilities in 4 Special Basic Education Centers in Lima, Peru. As the Lions Club of Barranco has a long history of supporting these schools for several years, at 3Love Inc we decided to contribute to develop, implement and equip these projects together.

After several months of intense teamwork and the fundamental support of our contributors, today we can announce with great joy that all the planned projects have been implemented in these schools and this week we had the great satisfaction of participating in the inauguration ceremonies of the finished works.

In the C.E.B.E. “SURCO” a multisensory classroom was implemented so that 115 children with different conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and multidisability, improve their social skills, regulate their emotions and behavior, in addition to training parents in the use of classroom strategies. We acquired implements such as a sensory table, a turntable, a square platform, a hanging ladder, a scooter, a hammock, an elastic bridge, among others; as well as special black curtains for this type of classroom and a gym floor that is specially designed to prevent falls.

At C.E.B.E. “San Francisco de Asís”, the “Juan Diego S. Martínez” cooking workshop was implemented for the benefit of 150 students with low vision, blindness, deafblindness and multiple disabilities. We acquired and implemented a sink, multilevel work tables, an electric oven, a stand mixer, a semi-industrial blender, a blender for domestic use, knives, baking molds, among others. This workshop is part of the “Transit to Adulthood” project. The UGEL (Local Education Management Unit) will assign a specialized teacher for this workshop.

At C.E.B.E. “La Inmaculada”, the project “We Shelter from the Sun” was implemented for the benefit of 100 children with hearing impairment and multiple disabilities associated with deafness. Two roofs were placed over the bleachers in the sports court to protect the students and the community from the sun’s rays and rain when the students are engaged in sports, physical, recreational, learning and/or civic activities.

In the C.E.B.E. “Laura Alva Saldaña” a technological classroom was implemented to improve learning skills, autonomy and communication through the proper use of technological tools as a complement and support to students in their learning. Ten tablets were purchased for the “Jenny Inti Bocángel” technology classroom, which will benefit 162 children with severe disabilities and multi-disabilities in their different conditions, such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This educational center is motivated to continue incorporating other devices for the classroom, such as an interactive whiteboard that they hope to acquire soon.

Now that the projects are implemented, we would like to extend a special thank you to all the companies and donors who contributed to our campaign. Together we were able to make miracles happen.

José Muñoz: The architect who builds dreams

José Muñoz is a Colombian architect based in Spain who traveled to Lima, as a representative of 3Love Inc., to supervise the financing, implementation and equipment of the projects in these Special Basic Education Centers. Thanks to his professional experience, ethics and altruism, we have the guarantee that these works will be durable and will offer safety and well-being to the students.

We share a brief conversation we had with him after the implementation of the projects.

Throughout your career you have had the opportunity to participate in several projects that have helped vulnerable people to improve their quality of life. How did the need to serve others arise in you?

I think it’s in the genes. My mother liked to help others, despite the fact that we were not doing very well financially, but she did everything she could to help people. My children have also inherited that gene of helping others. My son has a foundation called Suyay, which helps people who have had amputations or are missing their upper limbs. And my daughter has been working for the Red Cross for more than 5 years. Since I was very young, I have always liked to participate in helping others. I was a member of Amnesty International, I worked with them in the Tarragona section, in Spain, for about 10 years, as a human rights defender. I left Amnesty International because I had to travel to Colombia and there, unfortunately, being a human rights defender is very dangerous. But I still have contact with them, I participate in some of their campaigns. Now I am linked to 3Love Inc. to continue working in what we like, which is to serve others.

Thanks to your work, it was possible to make the implementation of these projects a reality in 4 Special Basic Education Centers. What is the greatest satisfaction that this experience has given you?

Satisfaction lies in service. Both 3Love Inc. and the Lions Club share the mission of serving the community and we are very happy to see the culmination of the goals we have set for ourselves. I believe that the happiest moment is to deliver the works and see the culmination of these projects that we have worked so hard to implement.

What message would you like to give the children with disabilities who study in these schools?

Although there are people who look at them with different eyes, my message is to leave those people behind and move forward with your dreams. The fact that they have a limitation does not make them any different. So I encourage them to keep fighting and keep going, because we need them too to see if one day we can change the world. That is the most important thing.

By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

"Surco" Special Basic Education Center / Centro de Educación Básica Especial "Surco"

"San Francisco de Asis" Special Basic Education Center No. 09 / Centro de Educación Básica Especial N° 09 "San Francisco de Asís"

"La Inmaculada" Special Basic Education Center No. 07 / Centro de Educación Básica Especial N° 07 "La Inmaculada"

"Laura Alva Saldaña" Special Basic Education Center No. 02 / Centro de Educación Básica Especial N° 02 "Laura Alva Saldaña"

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