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“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”. – Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights activist.


At 3Love Inc we are convinced that unity is strength and that with the help of members of our community we can make a positive impact on the lives of many people.


Recently, we launched a donation campaign on our social media with the aim of contributing to improve the lives of children with disabilities from 4 Special Education Centers in Lima, Peru.


Each of these educational institutions prepared a specific project to be implemented, which will benefit its students in different ways.


C.E.B.E. “La Inmaculada” is a school where 100 boys and girls with hearing disabilities and multi-disabilities associated with deafness study. They need to place a roof over the two tribunes of the sports yard that protects the students and the community from the sun’s rays or rain when carrying out sports, physical, recreational, learning and civic activities.


C.E.B.E. “San Francisco de Asís” is a school with 150 students with low vision, blindness, deafblindness and multi-disability. They need to implement a multifunctional classroom for the development of social skills and physical training, since there are no accessible public spaces for people with visual disabilities, which allow them to participate in equal conditions in recreational activities and exercise.


C.E.B.E. “Laura Alva Saldaña” is a school for 162 boys and girls with severe disabilities and multi-disabilities in their different conditions, such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They need to implement a technological classroom to improve learning, autonomy and communication skills through the appropriate use of technological tools as a complement and support for the student in their learning.


C.E.B.E. “SURCO” is a school for 115 boys and girls with different conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and multi-disability. They need to implement a multisensory classroom for children to improve their social skills, regulate their emotions and behavior, in addition to training parents in the use of classroom strategies.


At 3Love Inc we set out to do a fundraising campaign to finance these projects, which was carried out from November 30 onwards. Thanks to the generous contribution of the Sunshine QCS family, Grassroots Landscaping LLC, Reynolds Foundation, Serrano restaurant and other individual contributors, we reached the proposed goal to implement the projects of these 4 Special Basic Education Centers. Our eternal thanks to all the companies and contributors who collaborated with this campaign.


In 2022 we would like to make other projects a reality, related to the defense of the environment, animals and vulnerable populations. While people’s needs will never end, we still want to do our bit to improve existing conditions and provide the necessary tools for people to reach their potential.


If you want to participate in donating for these or other 3Love Inc projects, we invite you to help us make miracles happen by donating here: https://www.threelove.org/donate-dona


By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

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