International book day

We recommended these books about the environment and animals


April 23 is International Book Day and it’s the ideal occasion to recommend some readings that remind us of the importance of caring for the environment and animals. You can buy them on Amazon and other virtual bookstores.


1. “How to Give Up Plastic” by Will McCallum

This is a useful guide to eliminating plastic from your life. Going room by room through your home and workplace, Greenpeace activist Will McCallum teaches you how to spot disposable plastic items and find plastic-free, sustainable alternatives to each one. You’ll learn new and intuitive ways to reduce plastic waste. You’ll also learn how to advocate to businesses and leaders in your community to commit to eliminating disposable plastics for good.


This book explores the oddities and complexities of animal cognition in crows, dolphins, parrots, sheep, wasps, bats and chimpanzees, to reveal how smart animals really are, and how we’ve underestimated their abilities for too long. This fascinating work will convince you to rethink everything you thought you knew about animal intelligence.


3. “The Overstory: A Novel” by Richard Powers

This novel was the winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction. It tells the story of how trees have lived silently alongside humans throughout history, focusing on nine people who have a range of unique experiences with trees in their lives. It’s a stunning evocation of the natural world.


4. “Tentacle” by Rita Indiana

Plucked from her life on the streets of post-apocalyptic Santo Domingo, a young woman finds herself at the heart of a voodoo prophecy: only she can travel back in time and save the ocean – and humanity – from disaster. This novel explores the ways in which climate and humanity interact.


5. “Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace” by Carl Safina

This interesting book reveals cultures of other-than-human beings in some of Earth’s remaining wild places. It shows how if you’re a sperm whale, a scarlet macaw, or a chimpanzee, you too come to understand yourself as an individual within a particular community that does things in specific ways, that has traditions. Alongside genes, culture is a second form of inheritance, passed through generations as pools of learned knowledge.


6. “Sea Otters: A Survival Story” by Isabelle Groc

Sea otters once ruled the Pacific Ocean, but the fur trade of the 18th and 19th centuries brought this animal to near extinction. Today they’re slowly coming back from the brink, and scientists are learning more about their pivotal role as one of nature’s keystone species. This book looks at the history, biology, behavior and uncertain future of sea otters. As an added value, Academy Award winner Judi Dench writes the preface.


By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

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