4 artists recommend unmissable books

A few days after celebrating International Book Day, at 3Love we decided to invite 4 talented Peruvian actors and directors to recommend a book and tell us how it impacted them.


Nishme Súmar has made a notable career as a theater director, in celebrated works such as The Imaginary Invalid, Dreamers, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight, Santiago the Birdman, Yerma, My Name is Rachel Corrie, among others. In addition, she is remembered for her participation as an actress in the TV series Misterio.


Nishme recommends two books that made a big impact on her.


“In the Middle of Nowhere by John M. Coetzee is a fascinating tale that brings us closer to the life of Magda, a white woman who lives with her father on a farm in the interior of South Africa. Without a mother or any other containing presence, her life passes between being orphaned and the contempt of his father, for not having been born a man. Through passages that intersect realism and lyricism, we find ourselves not only facing a story of suffering and abuse, misery and loneliness, but the body of the protagonist ends up being a metaphor for those forgotten places bathed in the blood of the less privileged. A tough, but important portrait.


A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. “…To write novels a woman must have money and a room of her own …”. It was fascinating to discover this essay that allowed me to delve into the deep thought of the author, who approaches with an impressive critical spirit and humor the situation -of exclusion- faced by women until the beginning of the 20th century in England. Through fundamental questions, Woolf invites us to reflect on the need to conquer our own room, an intimate space that allows us to find our own voice … “in relation to the world of reality”.”


Júnior Béjar Roca is a young actor and UNICEF ambassador who starred in the film Retablo (available on Netflix), which received more than 30 awards at film festivals around the world and was nominated for the Spirit Awards in the United States and the BAFTA in the UK. After being part of the TV program Aprendo en casa, he is currently one of the hosts of the Generación Bicentenario program on TV Peru.


Junior’s recommendation: “Open: An Autobiography by André Agassi is a journey to an open heart and soul, it is an incredible and, I would say, heartbreaking story of the author’s life. André Kikr Agassi is a former American tennis player of Assyrian-Armenian descent, considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. However, the curious and interesting thing is that André assures that he has hated tennis all his life: “I hate tennis, I hate it with all my soul, and yet I keep playing, I keep hitting the ball all morning, and all the afternoon, because I have no alternative”.


A guy who must face very complex situations: emotional, physical, in particular pressure from his father, obsessed with making him the number 1 player in tennis, adverse circumstances in relation to his family, fame, friends, etc. Falls, processes, triumphs and life lessons with which I felt identified. I was impressed and amazed by the ease and pure humanity with which he narrates and guides this journey: he immersed me in his world, I was fascinated.


It is a book that will touch you in one way or another, it will make you feel identified in many situations and it has an incredible ease of reading that will inevitably leave you hooked.


I would like to add that I love to accompany the reading of stories with the melodies of a piano. For this story, I did it with Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi”.


Daniel Higashionna is a filmmaker who has directed hundreds of commercials, numerous video clips and two feature films. For his first feature film, Guard Dog, he received the Silver Biznaga for the best Latin American director at the Malaga Film Festival, together with his co-director Bacha Caravedo. They also co-directed the film The Solar System.


Daniel’s recommendation: “Watchmen by Alan Moore is a complex graphic novel, a detective novel disguised as a superhero comic that hides a reflection on morality and power. “Who guards the guardians?” the author constantly asks. Broken characters, different formats that range from comics to biographies, newspaper articles and scientific reports embedded in a dystopian present”.


Sebastián Stimman is a young actor and producer trained at the Circle in the Square Theater School in New York, as well as film and theater schools in Germany and Mexico. For his career in the Hispanic theater in New York, he won the ACE Award (Association of Show Reporters) as breakthrough actor of the year for the play Agravios de fortuna and was nominated for best leading actor for the ATI Awards (Independent Theater Artists) for his participation in Lorca, la luna y la muerte. He has also participated in the television series Princesas and in the films 1.7 Alpha, Yuraq, Saturn’s Window and La Condesa.


Sebastian’s recommendation: “Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke (original German name Briefe an einen jungen Dichter) changed my life. The book was published in 1929 three years after Rilke’s death and is a compilation of 10 letters sent by Rilke, an established poet, to Kappus, a young writer with a desire to learn. In the first letter Rilke writes, he tries to advise the young writer with a simple question:


“Scrutinize until you discover the motive that prompts you to write. Find out if that motive extends its roots deep into your soul. And, proceeding to your own confession, inquire and acknowledge whether you would have to die as soon as you are no longer allowed to write. First of all, this: ask yourself in the quietest hour of your night: Should I write? Dig and dig for a deep answer. And if it is affirmative, if you can meet such a serious question with a firm and simple “Yes, I must”, then, according to this need, raise the building of your life”.


And on that quiet night I answered “Yes, I must” and in that way acting and creating became my duty until the day they close the coffin”.


Thanks to Nishme, Júnior, Daniel and Sebastián for sending us their recommendations.


By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

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