3love Christmas crusade

If you think it is difficult to run a Christmas crusade for kids in your own country, think twice. When you and your team decide to run a Christmas crusade in a developing country a word comes to mind: “Challenges”.


The idea was not clear because for the obvious reasons, pandemic, economy, volunteers and so many other things you need to gather in order to make it successful. Well, first we did not know for sure because of issues in a Pandemic here and overseas. It is always much easier to say we do not need to do anything this year with too many things going on however, when you see pictures of kids faces and their demographics then, everything changes and your determination becomes greater and the things that you saw as difficult become possible.


Nevertheless, we need to remember we live in a world of possibilities and when there is a greater purpose God and the universe comes together to make it possible.


So, we are 14 days before Christmas Eve and we decided to run a Christmas crusade 2020 which by the way will be our first 3love campaign.


Questions like how many kids can we help? Who picks the names? How many will be left out? Then, it went from 100 kids to 200 to 235 to be exactly “the magic number 235 kids”.


We have 8 days to put everything together because the days for the deliveries of toys will be December 20 (Sunday) at a 139 D Neighborhood Community Unit in Huaycán, Ate district; and later there will be a delivery of toys in Puerto Maldonado, Department of Madre de Dios, in the jungle of Peru. Santa’s elves will distribute toys and chocolate milk with a panettone (an Italian fruit cake, very popular in Peru).


The Santa Elves will delivery toys and chocolate milk with a panettone (Italian fruitcake tradition in South America-Peru).


Last night the board approved the crusade and we are ready.


We have so many great people that are helping this Christmas crusade and we want to thank them. We will proceed to do the crusade in a safe manner under Covid guidelines to ensure the health of everyone which is our first and foremost priority. Thank you to each of you for donating your efforts and time.


Remember, find your purpose and fulfill it with love.


“No one has ever become poor by giving”Ann Frank 

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