Celebrating 3Love´s second anniversary with new proyects

October 20th marks two years since the creation of 3Love Inc. It has been 48 months of learning, overcoming challenges and the satisfaction to see that we are contributing with our small grain of sand to create a positive impact in other people’s lives.


As an anniversary celebration, we want to share with our friends and readers of the blog the news of two new projects that we have been working hard on and that will soon be a reality.


Pastry workshop for the Yesenia Saenz Soup Kitchen


We will implement a pilot baking workshop in the Yesenia Saenz Soup Kitchen, located in Huaycán, in Lima – Peru. The main mission of this workshop will be to train and teach new skills to the women who live and work there.


Our hope is that learning new skills in the field of baking and pastry making will contribute to empowering them and improving their self-esteem as individuals within their community.


In addition, this workshop will help the beneficiaries to generate resources for the Soup Kitchen, but also resources for themselves and their families.


To achieve these goals, a teacher specialized in baking will be hired. Likewise, 3Love Inc. will contribute with the purchase of material for the implementation of a new floor in the Soup Kitchen, where the classes will be held.


We will also support each woman who participates in the workshop to obtain a health license. This will ensure that we can count on optimum levels of hygiene and sanitation.


Subsequently, other equipment will be purchased for the workshop, which will start operating in November.


Publication of Chapter 2 of the short story “Seeing Through Sounds”: “Wise Sparrow to the rescue”


With great joy, we also want to share the news that chapter 2 of the children’s story “Seeing Through Sounds”, which is part of the “I Have a Purpose” project, will soon be published. Last year we published Chapter 1, entitled “Sounds of Friendship”, in which we met Adam, a visually impaired boy, and his friend Lily.


Now it is the turn of the second part, entitled “Wise Sparrow to the Rescue”. In this chapter, little Lily will get into trouble and a superhero will come to her rescue. To her great surprise, she recognizes the voice of her savior. From now on, Lily will have to keep a big secret.


“Wise Sparrow to the Rescue” will be available on Amazon since November.


The 3Love Inc. team would like to thank all the people and institutions that have accompanied us in these first two years, because together we have achieved many goals. We are committed to continue working to fulfill new dreams and continue growing hand in hand with all the communities that we have the pleasure of helping to develop.


By: Juan Carlos Ugarelli

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