We Present Our New Logo

3LOVE Logo

With little time left to celebrate the third anniversary of 3LOVE Inc., it is time to renew our image so that it reflects the lessons learned and the goals achieved along our way. For this reason, today we want to share with all our friends, followers and allied institutions our new logo and new institutional colors.

3LOVE Logo

Our new logo is made up of three important figures:

  • The earth globe. It is a visual representation of planet Earth. It also expresses that we are an international organization that operates in several countries and has the vision of continuing to travel the world.
  • The number 3. Symbolizes the three branches in which we focus our work: vulnerable populations, the environment and animals. It also represents the three pillars of the organization: President Vincent Gajewski III, Vice President Liza Comeford, and Treasurer Christopher Gajewski.
  • Hands. They represent strength, power and protection, as well as generosity, hospitality and stability.

In addition, our new palette of institutional colors is made up of:

  • Light blue. It represents the people. It is a color associated with liveliness, youth and energy.
  • Magenta. It represents the animals. It is the color of compassion, confidence and boldness.
  • Yellow. It represents the planet. It is a color that symbolizes joy, happiness and hope.

As part of this change of image, we will soon also launch our renewed website.

At 3LOVE Inc. we have always been characterized by our willingness to innovate, grow and develop, not to remain static, but to always be in continuous movement. Our image change represents that, although our essence remains the same: to contribute to improving the existing conditions of the environment, animal life and vulnerable populations.

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